Pay roll accounting

Modern pay roll accounting

A wages and salary accounting in accordance with statutory regulations should be a self-evident fact. A correctly run payroll accounting protects you as an employer against unpleasant surprises if governmental audits come up. The cover up of errors in payroll accounting that are undetected for years often lead to existence threatening additional charges at small and mid-range companies.

Besides additional claims for taxes and social security many offenses in payroll accounting involve administrative penalties thus can sustainably harm your company’s reputation. Our competent payroll accounting team supports you in avoiding those mistakes and therefore minimizes any resulting risks.

Charging: lump-sum depending on the number of employees.


Continuous payroll accounting

✓   Monthly accounting of wages and salaries
✓   Accounting of travel expenses and overtime hours
✓   Monthly salary statements for your employees as PDF or on paper
✓   Calculation of monthly salary charges at tax authorities, social security and municipality
✓   Monthly information about amount and due dates of payments
✓   Creation of a monthly booking document for your accounting
✓   Payment media made available to be used in your online-banking
✓   Compliance with legal recording duties

Before registering your first employee

✓  Procuring the tax number at your local tax authority
✓  Procuring the contribution number at the responsible Gebietskrankenkasse (Regional Health Insurance Fund)
✓  Procuring the duty account number at the responsible municipality
✓  Consultancy with regard to the applicable collective agreement
✓  Consultancy with regard to the correct grading of your employees
✓  Consultancy with regard to selecting the pension insurance fund
✓  Consultancy with regard to labour-law provisions


Registration of employees

✓  Timely electronic registration at the responsible Gebietskrankenkasse (Regional Health Insurance Fund) when starting the employment relationship
✓  Mailing of registration documents
✓  Open a payroll account for the new employee
✓  Consultany with regards to minimum wages / salaries and grading in accordance to the collective agreement



Give notice to employees

✓  Calculation of statutory claims for the leaving employee
✓  Final calculation for the leaving employee
✓  Give electronic notice to responsible Regional Health Insurance Fund
✓  Mailing of deregistration documents

Value-added services

✓   Administration of vacation standings
✓   Administration of sick leave standings
✓   Administration and calculation of seizures (third party declarations)
✓   Trust administration process of all wages and salary payments, as well as taxes and fees
✓   Yearly meetup for optimization in payroll accounting
✓   Information in regard to labour law and rights


Additionally: our consultancy services

✓  Fill in of structural and performance assessment sheets
✓  Consultancy while creating contracts of employments
✓  Consultancy while creating a special remuneration systems
✓  Calculation of personnel provisions and accruals for interim statements
✓  Processing of mutual inspections of wage depending fees (GPLA) by tax authorities
✓  Processing of other inspections in personnel areas by promotional agencies or auditors

Annual works and reports

✓  Creation and electronic submission of all annual reports to tax authorities, regional health insurance funds and municipalities
✓  Creation and archiving of annual accounts
✓  Annual adjustments of wages and salaries in regards to collective agreement increases
✓  Calculation of all personnel provisions according to the balance sheet date (separation benefits, anniversary payments, not taken vacations …)

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