Financial annual statement

Optimal utilisation of all fiscal opportunities

As a first consequence the financial annual statement shall meet all legal requirements of fiscal and corporate laws. It shall be used as an economic tool as a basis of decision-making. Based on balance and result analysis expedient measures can be developed and promising potentials in your company, that will secure your competitive advantage, can be recognised.

Besides the documentation of your achievements the financial annual report offers an optimal basis for a better rating at your bank.


Preparation of your financial annual report

✓  Accounting on cash basis following based on income Tax Act
✓  Balance sheet incl. profit and loss account based on corporate law
✓  Annex for small/midrange/large corporations
✓  Preparation of special balance sheets and interim balances

Balance sheet optimisation

✓   Maxing out available legal scopes
  Booking of value adjustments and write-downs
✓   Accruals, inventory changes and activations
✓   Calculations of fiscal and corporate accruals

Publication of annual financial statement

✓  Shortened annual financial statement presentation for publication
✓  Report to the commercial register
  Compliance with the 9-months time-limit

Support at bank meetings

✓   Preparation of annual financial statement for your bank
✓   Attendance of the bank meeting to support you

Analysis of your annual financial statement

✓   Result, asset and financing analysis
✓   Cash-flow-analysis and presentation of used funds
✓   Individual analysis (customer payment behavior, personnel analysis, ABC-analysis …)


Annual financial statement review

✓   Overview about the development of your company
✓   Review of the main changes
✓   Feedback about improvement suggestions

Preparation of annual tax returns

✓   “more-less”-calculaion
✓   Tax optimisation, maxing out premiums and favours
✓   Preparation and coordination of tax figures
✓   Calculation of expected tax burden

We help where possible

Discuss tax saving capacities and special questions with your tax advisor and automatically create the optimal and most cost effective solution under consideration of all legal requirements.

For companies with their own bookkeeping can use our balance sheet work as a monitoring tool of your current accounting.

Only certified accountants, tax clerks as well as tax advisors and candidates are doing your annual financial report. This quality level guarantees a professional, efficient and preferably contemporary accounting of your company.

Charging: lump-sum or based on time and material

The lump-sum is fixed for one year and assures you full cost control.

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